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Agni-Yoga approach to obsession (English)


About the book “Mediumism – a gift or a trial”

The growth of mental disorders indicates that science and medicine fails to restore a healthy state of mind relying only on the materialist outlook. Further development of mankind requires exploration of deep areas of consciousness and unseen spheres of the world, where a man’s character and individual abilities are formed. For a long time these areas were considered to be a religious and philosophical domain, and in spite of the fact that original doctrines were usually distorted with time, one should not neglect their primary ideas.

Agni-Yoga combines mankind’s best achievements into synergetic doctrine about the man and his place in the Universe. Basis of this teaching is the indisputability of knowledge; therefore each of the represented ideas should be considered not as a dogma of blind faith, but as a statement which can be confirmed in life. Agni-Yoga’s concepts about psychic health are studied in the book “Mediumism – a gift or a trial”, and its subject matter is focused on the following:

– General classification of consciousness’ levels and ways of interrelations of inner complexes within it.
– Distinction between inner complexes of consciousness and invasions in it from without.
– Ways of casting out alien elements and restoring conscience after such invasions.

At the same time there was an aim to find ways for further development of mankind with exploration of psychic energy possibilities, refinement of consciousness, and for better understanding the world around and one’s role and destination in it.


Structure of consciousness

Research of consciousness is very difficult. It is the subject, object and means of research at the same time. Besides, it is constantly changing under the influence of inner and outer processes. This very consequence of change is the matter of research for the researcher of macrocosmos and microcosmos. The symbol of Kalachakra brings pictorial view of that. The world’s life generates emanations, and they are represented by the outer circle of mandala. The inner circle contains microcosmos and its emanations. The image of the real world is formed in consciousness at the intersection of the outer and the inner circles.

The image of reality depends upon comprehension fineness and the ability to classify and interpret the received information. However, the state of consciousness itself also influences this picture, tingeing the image with its own emanations. It should also be known that seemingly calm and balanced consciousness can easily be changed under influence of a great variety of factors. These can be spatial currents (e.g. weather changes or sun flares) or different events in the close neighbourhood. Some of them remain unseen for the researcher, but they can have an influence on the flow of spatial currents and emanations of the man’s aura.


Figure 1. Kalachakra mandala


Inner processes of consciousness have different levels. Kernel of monada and it’s sheathes form the center of the consciousness. Each outer sheath corresponds with matter of different density, starting with coarse matter of the observed physical world, up to the energies of extreme fineness, that are close to what is usually called “Spirit”. Each sheath serves for comprehension of the matter and energies of the corresponding level, and it also can influence the processes there, so it is possible to have conscious life on that level.

The symbol of the lotus helps us to understand multilevel structure of consciousness. The root of the plant is in the mud, its body with leaves grows in the water, and the flower blossoms in the air. Mud represents earth, it is the symbol of the physical level, and in consciousness it is linked with the human body. Water is the level of more flexible matter that corresponds with the level of sensations and feelings. Local consciousness processes are subtler than those of the physical plane so much so that this plane is called “the Subtle World”. Air is much subtler than water, and so is the Fiery World in comparison to spheres of the astral plane. Here we have a level of sublime thinking – mental spheres of consciousness. 


Triple consciousness structure can be compared with the graph created by Carl Jung.

Consciousness structure by Karl Jung

Figure 2. Consciousness structure according to Carl Jung.


The endopsychic sphere of consciousness is related to conscious perception of the surrounding physical world by man’s personality. The first level of it is sensation, it tells that something exists, but doesn’t tell what it is. Then comes thinking, it classifies the received information about something and gives it a name. Feeling then informs through its value-tones about the value of the things: hot, fragrant, pleasant, repulsive etc. Intuition is the last step at the level of endopsychic feelings. Thanks to it one can make assumptions about the source of the perceived things, their direction and possibilities.

Intuition is the conjunctive level, as its processes come into deeper levels of consciousness, related with native inborn talents and inclinations, memory and unknown spheres, which Jung classified as personal and collective unconscious. Influence from these areas can be felt at the level of conscious perception. When the ego-complex of personality is unable to understand such influences, they are called: affects, or invasions.


Affects and invasions - Karl Jung's scheme


Figure 3. Difference between affects and invasions.


The difference between affects and invasions lies in their relations with the ego-complex of personality. Affect doesn’t break integrity of personality, while invasion is an autonomous complex and it indicates a serious mental disorder. In other words, affect is a temporary dominating complex within integral consciousness, and invasions are pieces of a broken consciousness.


Independent complexes


The forementioned term “complex” deserves special consideration. It is a specific set of processes inside consciousness that are united around a kernel. Human personality is an example of a complicated complex of memories, concepts of the world, skills, aspirations and other components. As the ego-complex has ability of self-consciousnes, the other complexes can also have this feature, and it is the magnet that holds together their integral parts, that is miscellaneous processes within a separate complex.

The human body is constantly changing, up to the almost complete change of cells every 7 years, but memories, skills and other complexes are preserved. One must also consider that cells and their components move and change constantly. Therefore kernels and processes for a majority of complexes are located on a more subtle level. When the physical body dies the center of personal consciousness moves to the astral level, where all the complexes develop or transform their potential created during life.

People with inclinations toward spiritual development start their journey to subtler levels of consciousness. All of the best experiences from their earthly life assimilate with the center of individuality of the man, and later it will become the cause of character traits, talents and inclinations, born into future incarnations. For the rest of the experience there will be two possible outcomes. Complexes with outlived potential disperse and fall down like an unnecessary husk. The rest of the complexes remain in the consciousness as karma seeds, which will become apparent under the appropriate conditions.

As soon as the consciousness is purified enough, an astral sheath is no longer necessary. It falls down and the center of thinking moves to the mental level, where the immortal “I” of the man dwells. When conditions allow further development of its individual qualities it will start new descent into material world. Only some features of new body’s constitution are conditioned by the parents’ genes, while all the individual traits are formed under the influence of the environment (education, people’s mentality, etc.) and the potential of all the complexes formed in previous incarnations.

It is possible to reach this level of “individuality” during life on the Earth. Striving to self-knowledge helps to build a bridge[1] for communication between the lower and higher “I” of the man. Reasonable discipline of the body and holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct will favor it, too. When communication is established, the lower “I” is able to receive insights from the Chalice of imperishable experience. It also extends to this treasury all those impressions and thoughts which can be assimilated (due to their high quality) with man’s immortal essence, thus receiving a possibility of personal immortality.

Processes from the depth of consciousness quite often appear on the physical level. In fact, they take place in the material world, but the subtleness of the matter of the astral and mental levels prevent human personality from conscious cognition of them. Influence from these spheres can show up as affects or invasions, or as insights in a wakeful state, or as hard to understand dreams with deep meanings. One must also consider that subtle spheres of consciousness form continuous space, similar to the continuum of the surrounding physical world. This fact allows psychiatrists to trace effectiveness of the psychoanalysis and therapy, considering separate dreams as reflections of the continuous plane, similar to immune system checks by means of blood tests.


Subtle processes and the body


Consciousness and body interact in a great variety of ways. For example, somebody wakes up in the morning and doesn’t feel rested. If this person stays in bad there is a danger to be late to work. The decision to get up is made by consciousness, but not by the current state of the body that results in physicochemical chains of thinking, as it is taught by materialism dogma. Then the person’s willpower engages centers of the nervous system to move the body out of the bed.

Another example – changes in secretions under the influence of emotions. Emotion of fear stimulates adrenal glands to secrete noradrenalin, and this hormone triggers multiple secondary reactions, influencing performance of certain cells, organs and systems of the body. Thorough research could also show the difference in the state of tears, perspiration and other secretions. Tears of joy and tears of grief are different, as well as the sweat of labor and the sweat of overeating or the saliva of anger and the saliva of assistance. By comparing such contrasting reactions, one can detect many products of psychic energy.

Faith healing should be also be mentioned. It has been known for a long time and even modern medicine doesn’t deny it, though doctors use the specific term – placebo effect. A patient gets a burst of energy if he believes that he has swallowed strong medicine, though he has been given a neutral substance. Doctors also recommend to avoid stress and irritation, because treatment has better results when the patient is calm and cheerful. But who decides to allow fear or not, to be sad or to be jolly? The center of consciousness is independent from the body. It uses the brain as a thinking mechanism, but it is the will of the man that chooses a variant of reaction. Will power doesn’t have a special corresponding organ in the body, and it is an attribute of consciousness. This statement doesn’t deny influence of the brain. It is an intermediary link and its state influences communication between different sheathes of the man. If the brain’s automatism dominates over the center of personality of the man it will suppress impulses from the depth of individuality and will refuse to notice all that exceeds the bounds of the dominating program.

In addition it is necessary to mention the influence of the will of one upon another, e.g. hypnosis or suggestion. In other words, one man transfers certain thoughts or commands on a subtler level. If the recipient is suggestible he will act in the suggested way. This example describes invasion of a complex from one man to another. There is also a possibility of spreading of an emotional state, e.g. common atmosphere in a movie theater or at a stadium, and other reactions to changes of psycho-emotional conditions of the environment.




Agni-Yoga approaches the problem of possession scientifically, but it’s extending world boundaries to include subtler levels. Two aspects of existence are also considered: the influence of the will of one upon another and that complexes continue to be organized away from the physical body, including the ego-complex of personality. When such complexes come into contact with a man, he can react in different ways.

Firstly, perception of outer influence depends on the fineness of the consciousness. It can be either unconscious or conscious, though the level of details depends on straight-knowledge[2] development. Secondly, man’s suggestibility also differs. Some people are able to work under great pressure; others are easily manipulated or suggested. Therefore the fact of perception or unconscious influence of complexes from subtle levels doesn’t mean possession. People with such abilities should be called mediators, as their earthly consciousness is already able to sense processes beyond the boundaries of the physical world. In other words, they see, hear or feel themselves what is happening around, while keeping their own willpower.

The keeping of one’s will power is the key difference between possession and mediator ability. Willpower of obsessed persons is suppressed and they perform actions similar to those commanded to do something under hypnosis, but these commands come from subtle levels. Easy indulgence to fashion tendencies is an example of the fact when people are rather influenced by common mood than making decisions by themselves. In this case one can see invasion of the outer complex (idea or emotional state), and it has significant influence on consciousness.

Consciousness can also be invaded by personality-complexes of the departed, and this form of possession is more dangerous. Sometimes people are eager to open their consciousness to outer influence, as mediums and channellers do. During communication sessions mediums can speak or write something, but these actions are performed by external beings[3]. Therefore, mediums become temporarily obsessed at that time, but can they really be sure that the contacted beings have left their consciousness? That’s why light-minded experiments of channeling with the other world often destroy mental and physical health, and mediums turn into nothing more than an inn for disembodied liars.

Mediumism and channeling are not wide-spread enough to cause alarm, but it doesn’t mean that only mediums are vulnerable to possession. In most cases external beings penetrate without being noticed. Obsessing entities often want to simply take part in some kind of activity, but not vex their victims. Usually obsessing entities are rude and amoral people who haven’t thought about life after death and spirituality. Their thoughts are attached to Earth, and they are inclined to continue their typical activities. At the best this would be simply promoting of certain ideas, at worst – satisfying different vices or even intentional evildoings.

The longer the victims think that their choice is free, the easier it is for the possessors to suppress their will in specific direction or even totally replace one’s activity. That’s why it is necessary to add absence of resistance to the picture of complete obsession when somebody becomes a follower of the possessor (willingly or unwillingly). When there is a struggle in consciousness, obsession is partial, and such people should be called “inclined to mediumism”.

On the assumption of the forementioned, possession can be defined as the presence in consciousness of independent complexes that suppress or replace the will of the possessed.

Depending on the organizational structure, obsessing complexes can be disembodied personalities, that is, ego-complexes of the departed people, or spatial thoughts and ideas. In the last case possessors can be called astral larvae, vampires, nourished by the man. Astral larva is an integral complex with its own centre. Larva exists as long as magnetic force of the astral complex holds together its parts, and it can be attracted to the consonant consciousness, where there is a possibility to perform certain activity programmed for the complex.

But one shouldn’t consider astral larva as an independent being, preying on the man. They exist only if there is no willpower or conscious attitude against vices, so they can be considered as a reflection of thinking on subtler levels. When a larva approaches a moral man with refined thinking, his mental body and aura emanations burn it. In other words, darkness disperses when it approaches the light; therefore purification of astral strata around the planet depends on development of thinking of its inhabitants.

The forementioned description of contacts with subtle spheres should be supplemented with the fact, that possibility of such communication or interaction isn’t always bad. There are different people in the physical world, and the Subtle World is also inhabited by different beings. Many of them don’t have a desire to become possessors, it is common only in those disembodied personalities, whose consciousnesses are crude and attached to earth. Such crudeness and materialism doesn’t deny intellectual abilities, but the higher consciousness development of the man, the fewer the tendencies to rude invasions in consciousness of other people he has.

In sleep, people often have dreams of their departed relatives, who give them advice or warn of a danger, and such dreams can be actual contact with subtle bodies[4]. Similarly, one can have contacts with spiritual toilers, saints, great helpers of humanity and great teachers, especially when a man sincerely addresses them in his prayers. Some people can have short-term consciousness rising to higher levels of comprehension in a wakeful state, but such contacts require such intense performance of consciousness that it is inaccessible to most people. Intensified performance of consciousness also drains resources of the human organism. Those who were able to bear high tensions often describe great shock at meetings with the highest beings, who have reached the highest levels in their development. People often fell down, their heart strained to the limit, their hair stood on end or momentarily turned grey etc. Astral strata link physical level with the Fiery World, therefore contacts in sleep are much safer, so these spheres are considered more suitable for meetings because of the care for people.


Symptoms of obsession


The vast number of physical illnesses arises as a result of dissolute thinking (personal or under influence of obsessing entities). Mental disorders are especially connected with thinking, but one could find a similar source for diverse illnesses. Consequences of destructive thoughts are: heart diseases, various afflictions of the stomach and skin, inflammation of the mucous membranes and chronic enlargement of lymph nodes. Of course, such pathologies can have merely physiological reasons, but self-organization of developed consciousness helps to restore injured organs. When thinking on subtle levels is developed insufficiently, the disease can easily result in obsession and vice verse – possession widely opens the door for many potential maladies. Therefore in most cases it is not correct to discern “obsession or disease”, while there are “both obsession and disease”.

Varieties of obsession are highly diverse – from almost imperceptible eccentricity to violence. People usually do not study their normal state of conscious­ness, and therefore it is hard to notice influence from the outside. If scientific studying of aura gets more attention, scientists will be able to make a simple physical apparatus for the determination of basic radiations. It will give a possibility to observe signs of invasion or diseases in their embryonic state. Before such an invention comes into life, studying of consciousness on subtle levels will remain groping for something unknown, just as people can’t see winds without meteorological equipment, though they are able to see moving clouds and waving grass.

To give a diagnosis of obsession one must rely on a set of several symptoms from the mental and physical state of the man. It is also possible to engage feelings and intuition of the researcher, reaction of animals with highly developed senses and possibilities of pendulum usage.


Change of behavior

– Decline of behavior without reason. Provoking of conflicts, faultfinding, intimidation, threatening, aggression etc.  Ribaldry, tendency to criticize (especially good deeds and cheerful undertakings).

– Weakening of control over emotions, nervousness, hastiness, easily changing into outbursts of anger.

– Compulsive thoughts and ideas, especially with negative content (self-torment, resentment, suicidal thoughts etc).

– Forgetfulness and absent-mindedness, lack of organization. When the obsessing entity speaks though the man, personality complex of the latter is suppressed, therefore he can “forget” about what was said in the next moment.

– Indulgence to vices (smoking, alcoholism, gluttony, promiscuity and sexual perversion, etc). Obsessing entities are full of earthly, not yet outlived desires, so they crave for obtaining illusion of their satisfaction through bodies of the obsessed people.

– Duality. Sometimes the duality is of such a contradictory nature, and the fluctuations occur so frequently, that it is impossible to apply suggestion, which can be quite useless or even harmful. Also one can notice repeating patterns of atypical intonation and manner of speaking, just as it happens when medium allows other personality (or personalities) to speak through him.

– Blasphemy.

Physical signs

– Lackluster eyes, shifting glance. A person with fine sense can also notice something like gaze duality, as if someone else is looking through the eyes. But these eye signs also may disappear when the possessor withdraws or decides to hide.

– Convulsive and jerk movements, nervous tic, spasms.

– Epilepsy, disorders of brain performance, corruption of nerve tissue and centers.

– Dermato-venereological diseases. Skin cracking and non-healing sores open gates to the organism. Thus psoriasis (considered now as an incurable disease) can cease when a patient stops drinking and/or smoking. Besides lessening the stress on an organism one must take into account possibility of withdrawal of the possessor that has no possibility to satisfy his desires.

– Chronic stomach and intestinal upsets, even sound people can face such disorders after contacts with the obsessed.

– Increased mucus secretion and inflammations of mucous membranes. Body secretions facilitate in communication between physical and subtle worlds, but it isn’t necessary for people with a well-developed fiery body. In this case mucoid sputum is absent, as if spatial fire helps to keep mucous membranes dry.

– Chronic swelling of the lymph nodes as a reaction to pressing or invasion of obsessing entities.

– Inexplicable heartbeat (cessation of the pulse).

Reaction of animals

– Horses and dogs are highly sensitive to presence of possessors. Ancient tradition to exhibit them before guests was meant not only to demonstrate wealth. At the same time hosts put incomers through a test, observing the reaction of the animals. Some other animals can also have similar abilities[5].

One’s straight-knowledge

– Presence of specific complexes in consciousness influences its overall magnetism. As crossed magnetic fields of radiance interact, it is pleasant to be near pure and moral people, while closeness of the obsessed provokes in other people aggressive feelings and negative thoughts.

– Sensation of cold or heat without apparent cause. Intensity of astral processes influences on chemical reactions and a well-developed nervous system can detect changes of the environment. Therefore when people say “I felt suddenly cold, as if a goose had walked over my grave”, they state essence of chemical processes during communion of the two worlds[6].

– “One’s hair stands on end” – another signal of changes on subtle level, though sensation of skin electricity can be caused by inner processes (horror or other feelings).

– Sensation of unpleasant odors. Acute sense of smell allows to sense the approach of subtle beings as well as animals with high sensitivity. Near relics of spiritual toilers people often smell unearthly fragrance; approaching obsessing entities have foul smells.

– Light draughts, touches of invisible web, pricks and other similar sensations.

– Heart quivering. The heart is regarded as an organ of consciousness that connects three worlds (physical, Subtle and Fiery). The heart can give advance warning about approaching possessors or possessed people to all who have conscious attitude to its signals and can discern their meaning.


– The psychic energy of the operator allows much more precision in testing of one’s consciousness state. Pendulum movements can reflect the state of different levels of consciousness, influence of possessors and their type (astral complexes or disembodied personalities) etc.


It is necessary to distinguish the difference between potential possession and heightened sensibility. Thus one can have convulsions and irritation of mucous membranes under the influence of spatial currents, though integrity of consciousness is retained. Such phenomena will be easily distinguished when people learn more about subtle energies and their interactions. Special institutions will watch over spatial conditions to forewarn people about dangerous currents, just as meteorologists save many lives thanks to watching over hurricanes, tsunami and other natural phenomena.


Banishment of possessors


Opposed to obsessed state is holistic consciousness, where all integral complexes are united around one center. Influences from outside are possible, but decision making is up to one’s own mind. Thus one’s main goal is not freeing from specific possessors, but development and strengthening of consciousness in those areas and qualities which allowed obsessing entities to come in. In brief it is described with the following formula: It is not wise to proclaim, "Tear out thy corruption." It is better to say, "Let benevolence fill thy being."

To banish possessors one can use the following methods:


Intensified labor

Labor keeps off many obsessors when it occupies a lot of time and requires high concentration. When the influence of the obsessing entities is small, one can cure such persons simply by giving them the work that they prefer, but in very intensive measure.

Prolonged sleep

Sometimes it is enough to put the obsessed one in prolonged sleep.  The obsessor leaves because he becomes irked during such sleep, remaining without an outlet, for every obsessor seeks to express his own ego.

Command of the will from without

One can oppose command of the will of people living on earth to the influence of ego-complexes of disembodied personalities. The command can address either possessors (to leave the man) or the man himself (to strengthen his will to overcome vices).


Heartfelt appeal to the higher forces can fill the man with strength to free his conscience from alien willpower. But one shouldn’t seek outer defence with inactive and timid reliance. On the contrary – he must imbue his entire being with the consciousness of the addressed defender. In other words one should be ready to fight, but not to run away.

The source of life energy – the Cosmic magnet – directs evolution of the Universe, and it’s common for every living thing, just as individuality centre forms a kernel for all the complexes of the man. All Creative Powers of the Universe form the Hierarchy, in which every Power is responsible for certain forces and processes in accordance with its development level, just as individual complexes of the man control performance of his cells, organs and even systems of organs. All spiritual toilers, saints and Great Teachers help mankind to approach the sole Source, so the prayer’s power is based rather on its sincerity than choice of the preferred link.

Morality improvement

Many obsessors want to satisfy their carnal desires (drinking alcohol, smoking, gluttony, lust etc). Giving up pernicious “habits” together with reasonably moderate sustenance can help a lot. Firstly, it results in health improvement, and one has more vital power for defense. Secondly, having no outlet to satisfy carnal desires the obsessor is not interesting to stay in his victim. Being guided by the principles of co-measurement and goal-fitness one can purify his consciousness to free it from parasite complexes, and change his own complexes so that thoughts and actions will strengthen him instead of weakening.


A conscious attitude to what is going on is the key factor in being freed from possessors. If one understands what is necessary to do, this vision itself forms subtle complexes in consciousness. Having such support points to rely on, it is much easier to struggle for freeing of one’s own consciousness. Otherwise there remains high danger level even if one is given support from without. Return to the old style of life and thinking will attract old complexes, and recurrence of obsession is highly probable.

Looking at subtle processes of the surrounding world more intently, one can discover additional means to banish possessors, as well as the factors that weaken one’s strength. Studying aura of objects and beings can be performed both with technology and with one’s own straight-knowledge. Everything in the surrounding world has its own radiations that attract consonant beings just as the rot attracts flies and blossoming flowers attract bees. In struggle with possessors it is recommended to fill one’s surroundings with life asserting processes and positive energy:



Exclude meat and products of fermentation (kvass, over-fermented cheese etc). If nutrition without meat is temporarily unavailable it is better to boil or to stew it, as fried/smoked meat has strong odours that attract hungry beings from the Subtle World. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very helpful, as long as they have not yet spoiled. One can strengthen nervous centres with the musk of mountain animals. Valerian and mint help the heart, and this organ is one’s foundation of consciousness at subtle levels. Soda strengthens nervous centres, but one should accustom the body to it gradually, taking it with warm milk everyday. In other aspects it is better to have moderate and balanced nutrition and stick to dietary patterns (2-3 meals a day at the same time).

Aromatic substances

Odors have a significant role in processes of the Subtle World. Aromatic oils of eucalypt, mint, rose and cedar help to maintain pureness and fineness of atmosphere at subtle levels. Radiation of violets also helps, but one should use live flowers, as decaying processes start soon after cutting. Localities with cedars, pines, oaks and heather usually have good natural electrification, and it’s good to use it to gain strength or for rehabilitation after the possession.

Personal hygiene

Hygiene supplements rational nutrition in struggle against possessors. Besides regular ablutions one must keep his internal organs clean. Milk diet or short-time fast can be used from time to time to clear the body of chemical waste and toxins. Hot milk, mint and valerian are good to keep organs of respiration pure. Licorice and senna are prescribed to keep one’s stomach and bowels pure. Aloe and some rezins are good for lungs. Vitality of the glands is required; therefore all products that support their performance are welcomed. Light wormwood tea is beneficial for swollen glands. Of course one must pay attention to the individual peculiarities of the man to select treatment in accordance with the state of the body and psychic energy.

Cleanness of habitation

Take away all products of corruption, dust, pets’ residue. Also, one should take care that no dirty water collects in the house (indoor fountains and aquariums are usually undesirable nurseries). One must with equal caution guard the purity of the air in one's sleeping room, especially avoiding smoke.

Harmony against stress

One must control his emotional reactions to prevent anger and irritation, as they burn out and disperse psychic energy. One should also hold his thoughts pure, including so-called “small” thoughts, which can often carry deadly poison for great undertakings, just as malicious viruses are dangerous for health of much bigger organisms. It is also necessary to clean one’s speech from foul talk and blasphemy (one can’t get fineness of consciousness without discipline of expressing thoughts, besides, foul terms themselves attracts coarse entities). Conscious attitude to life is also required. One must avoid habitual and automatic reactions. Eternal vigilance and observation will help bring to light not only approaching of obsessors, but also the best possibilities in any life situation.

Naturalness of life

Possession is often the result of magic or artificial means of stimulating one’s energies (pranayama, chakras activization, etc). Ability to perceive subtle energies and to interact with them opens up in due time. Forced opening up of the centers can give temporal benefits, but one can’t keep balance of disturbed energies for a long time, and through the breach one’s consciousness is invaded by chaos and alien elements. Magic is also considered to be violent invasion in subtle spheres that are already connected with the man in a natural way. Magicians usually disturb subtle energies for mercenary ends or mean actions that attract corresponding karma results to them. Therefore one must irreversibly give up all artificial means of intercourse with subtle spheres, and restore natural unity that relies on the heart and straight-knowledge.


When one is possessed for a long period of time, there may be cases where the possessor is so empowered by the vital force of the obsessed that the expulsion may cause death. In such cases it is recommended to wait for an attack of fury, so that the aroused energy helps to overcome the possible decline of heart action, which might otherwise end in complete prostration. Therefore expulsion must always be carried out most cautiously, and at first one watches the diet of the possessed and observes his psychic energy.

Prudence is required for those who apply their will to expulse possessors. One must have enough energy to protect himself from invasion of the expulsed alien complexes. It is generally better to avoid speaking and even thinking about the possession when one approaches the possessed. Being discovered the personality of the possessor is highly sensible to thoughts and can provoke aggression and frantic actions. For safety reasons it’s better to prevent the possessed person from having access to weapons or alcohol. One should also be aware of possible harassment. The possessed ones may hold quite high posts, and some possessors can use it to keep mankind unaware about violent invasion in its will as long as possible.


Depths of consciousness


Acceptance of ideas from the book “Mediumism – a gift or a trial” can make mental health recovery easier and more difficult at the same time. On the one hand, veal of mystery and uncertainty disappears from one’s complexes. There are energies and subtle matter interacting with the physical world that can be studied with all the means of scientific research. On the other hand, researchers must expand and refine their own consciousness to see interweaving of the subtlest connections in the unexplored depths of new spheres.

Numerous factors can be influencing one’s psychic state besides suggestions and obsessions:

  1. Individual characteristics of consciousness processes (habitual response to influences, quickness of psychic state changes etc). This also includes multilevel structure of consciousness. One’s thinking is like ocean currents with several layers beneath surface waves that can be consciously seen.
  2. Independence of complexes from the depth of consciousness. Depending on development of consciousness on sensitive-emotional and thinking levels, one’s astral and mental sheathes can have their own centers of independent thinking. It reminds self-consciousness of the brain and allows independent and conscious activity of one’s astral and mental bodies. One should also remember that subtle activity doesn’t always conform to brain activity. For example, unexpected spells of drowsiness may signal the outflow of invisible energy when a subtle body projects or sends help to people in need, though the brain doesn’t even realize their existence. Underdevelopment and isolation of subtle bodies make possible the inverse situation, where the lazy astral sheath commits sabotage to one’s attempts to develop.
  3. Psychic state can be influenced by karma. Each complex has some potential and inertia. The stronger one’s thoughts and desires for something in previous incarnations, the bigger imprint on one’s individuality they produce. Usually promptings of past incarnations realize their potential in one’s traits of character and strivings to certain activity, as impressions of current life are extremely vivid and outshine past memories. But in some cases stratum between incarnations is thinned and personalities of previous incarnations penetrate in consciousness. Such guests seem aliens for personality and one starts a struggle to suppress other compound parts of the individuality.
  4. Development of new abilities. The current state of consciousness is not the peak of evolution. When one reaches a certain level of development, new abilities start to grow. It implies transformation and transmutation of the whole consciousness. If one doesn’t take into account development on subtle levels, changes of growth are considered to be aberrations. Instead of sensitive development one starts to suppress awakening powers and it leads to very pitiful results. Having no outlet, new forces either explode with chaos or new abilities cease and atrophy. This is the inverse situation to possession, when there is no suggestion from without, but one struggles with himself.
  5. Influence of the environment. One’s consciousness is somehow influenced by all environmental processes. Space around the man is full of a great number of diverse energies. Spatial and planetary currents are supplemented with thoughts and desires of neighbors living both in physical and subtle spheres. These thoughts are often unshaped but in big quantities they create suffocating strata, especially in regions with dense population. Even short-time rest in the wild (especially in the mountains) is very beneficial for one’s physical and mental health. But one must take into account that the formation of psychic energy depends upon conscious attitude. Many country people live in good localities but they have no interest to subtle processes, therefore their consciousness is far from refinement. And one can find people with fine and well-defended consciousness even among inhabitants of big cities. So, if one has strong will and aspiration it is possible to refine and strengthen consciousness even in the worst of surroundings.  Of course, such city dwellers always have the possibility of short time rest in the wild, and their conscious attitude to it allows receiving maximal renewal of strength.


A path to harmony


The Subtle World is characterized by its great diversity of processes, its manifestations and cause-and-effect relationships are so different that it is hard to give a universal recipe to all who struggle with possessors. One can be recommended to strive for improvement (“Let benevolence fill thy being!”), but areas that need development will differ, depending on one’s individual characteristics.

Wise advice from ancient times is also appropriable here: “Know thyself!” Being firmly resolved and courageous, one can systematically arrange all his complexes and disturbing processes in consciousness. Products of personal creation can be developed or modified so that their energy joins one’s strength. In other words one will use his own energy to discipline and master his complexes instead of their suppression. One can also discover reactions on stimuli from without, and their understanding will help to detect something and adapt to environmental changes in the future. When the light of consciousness illuminates all the corners inside, parasites and obsessive entities will have no possibility to realize their desires, as if they were one’s own wishes.

Written above describes only some aspects of the psychic health of mankind. Observing such depths of the problem one shouldn’t be frightened, as the joy of its solving is commensurate to the difficulty of the task. The very fact that one’s emotional state and thinking have so much influence on his consciousness indicates growths of the psychic strength of mankind. If this growth is supplemented with aspiration to harmony and beauty it will quicken up further development with fruits of new achievements and knowledge, instead of chaos and disunity.

Purification of consciousness will help to clean the overall atmosphere of astral and mental strata of the planet. Every thought is indelible energy. It can’t be annihilated, but it’s possible to change the direction of such complex or modify it. Earth inhabitants must do most of the labor of transforming and transmuting of planets energies themselves and that is equal to outliving results of their own karma. Mankind will not be left alone and its efforts will be supported by conscious powers that have reached higher development levels than the current civilization of the Earth.

Science studies the so-called “Laws of Nature”, and researchers are astonished with their reasoning and complexity. Agni-Yoga asserts that it is the result of the collective work of the Hierarchy – the union of all conscious Creative Forces of the Universe. As long as one strives to live in harmony with the world he can rely on the help of the Higher Forces. Although achievements depend on one’s own efforts, development goes much faster when the Beacon of Hierarchy leads one’s way. And since possession violates laws of cosmic balance, all people can rely on help as long as they commensurate their life with the way of general evolution.

Higher help can be expressed differently – starting from the sending of ideas to joint efforts of willpower in confrontation with forces of darkness that invade the life of a man or a planet. Differentiation between Forces of Light and dark forces is not accidental. The higher psychic energy tension the more light it can radiate. Forces of darkness include consciousnesses of those who isolate themselves in darkness of selfishness, that is, those who have put their ego-center above all the rest. In contradiction to them, forces of the Hierarchy always look for the General Good, that is, maximal harmony with the life of the Universe developing under the impulse of the Cosmic Magnet. The wider and more refined one’s understanding of the general condition, the more energies are accepted in his consciousness, consequently the more light it can radiate.

Hence light represents researchable energy so studies of changes of one’s radiations and luminosity can be of great help in purification of consciousness. The same indicators can show general influence of certain actions or decisions on man’s development. It is possible to rely on the heart’s prompts and develop one’s straight-knowledge even before science develops aura studying technologies. Though the man himself can be far from understanding of secrets of existence or evolutionary goals, he can establish and keep communication with the Hierarchy via a consonant to his consciousness link. This communication relies not on one’s brain but on the heart. Even when intellect can comprehend only a scintilla of what is going on, the heart is able to send different signals. Also, the heart can be used as a firm basis in the struggle with possessors, uniting one’s personality complex with all the forces of the Universe.

The problem of possession is complex. It points out the very existence of invisible aspects of life, it reveals specific shortcomings in interrelations with them, and stimulates desire to change the situation and to stop negative influence on one’s psychic and physical health. The presence of negative forces should not prevent one’s spiritual growth. Having found what can darken one’s consciousness, it is also possible to find what enlightens and elevates it. Thus, studying of possession will turn into an intermediate research leading to new horizons of the development of mankind.

At the end of the book “Mediumism – a gift or a trial” one can find several systems describing peculiarities of the man’s consciousness. As all the systems describe characteristics of the same phenomenon, their acceptance will help a lot in better understanding of one’s own consciousness and its inner potential. Thus, this knowledge will help both in finding a basis and a means for the struggle with possessors, and in further development of one’s consciousness.


(c) Anatolii Filozof


[1] In the East it is called Antahkarana.

[2] Straight-knowledge is often called intuition, or deep and subtle understanding.

[3] In most cases, as one shouldn’t exclude influence from other spheres of consciousness or banal charlatanism.

[4] These contacts shouldn’t be considered as visits of the departed to the living, as such movement runs counter the direction of individual evolution in cycles of incarnations. When somebody falls asleep, his center of consciousness moves to the subtle body, and it is able to reach subtle spheres. Therefore it is better to say that people living on earth visit their departed relatives in their dreams.

[5] At the same time it is mentioned, that the animal world participates in subtle and low manifestations, and presence of animals can be a channel for manifestations of the possessors. Therefore it is advised not to have animals in bedrooms.

[6] Earthly people are surrounded by a subtle atmosphere and they rarely sense it. But when subtle beings direct their attention to someone, consciousness can register it, just as people can look around when they feel somebody looking at them.

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